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Seraphim Blueprint

İleri Eğitimleri

Seraphim Blueprint Level2 Sacred Geometry

This level is about breaking down karmic boundaries that limit our accomplishment in this lifetime. The key energies enhance rapid evolution. One is the supreme organizing power of the Univers, and the other is the power to remove karmic limitations progressively.


Seraphim Blueprint level 3 Seraphim Manifestation

This level helps us to achieve our personal desire4s as well as our cosmic purpose more quickly. Receiving fullfilment at a personal level allows us to aspire to higher goals. The two key Powers enhance intent, willpower and wishfulfilment.


Seraphim Blueprint Level 4 Seraphim Cosmic Splendor

This level helps us to adjust to real cosmic dorces that our bodies experience as our planet hurla through space at thousands of miles per second. Our individual bodies are hollıgraphic pieces of the entire universe. One energy repairs the damaged parts in our holographic etheric bodies, and the other helps us to adjust to an expanding univers.


Seraphim Blueprint Level 5 Seraphim Planetary Healing

This level gives us tools to communicate with non-physical beings who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions. This power brings humanity into balance with the natural order. Specific initiations include harmonizing with elementals and vibratory beings.


Seraphim Blueprint Level 6 Seraphim Grace and Union

Once we have cleared out the heavier dross that we have accumulated over lifetimes, we begin to feel a real need to absorb beauty in our environment, and feel closer to Source.

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